Natalie Manna Headshot

"Kudos of the week ... go to Natalie Menna and Brad Fryman ... sure candidates for stage couple of the year." [Dance of Death I and II]

Michael Dale, Broadway World

"Among strong performances all around, Menna is terrific as the embittered but not (entirely) cowed Alice." [Dance of Death I and II]

John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC

"Natalie Menna as Tekla was a convincing flirt, even with her husband ..." [Creditors]

Paul Berss, New York Theatre Wire

"Menna, as always, is superb at lacing scenes with complexity and nuance ..." [Creditors]

Eva Whalen, Beauty News NYC

"Natalie Menna's Hedda was particularly charming, vibrant, sparkling ... her destiny bitterly ironic and heartbreaking." [Hedda Gabler]

Edward Kliszus, Front Row Center

"Hedda's character was the play's centerpiece, masterfully played by Natalie Menna, who imbued her with a complex, nuanced mix of rebellious intelligence, frustration, tenderness, strength, deviousness, stubbornness and flirtation, much like the bored and self-centered Scarlett O'Hara character in Gone with the Wind". [Hedda Gabler]

Eva Whalen, Beauty News NYC