Natalie Menna

Original Plays


Full-Length Drama
Committed is a work of historical fiction about the last two days of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh's life. When his highly controversial and vulgar documentary causes a tremendous uproar in Amsterdam and abroad, Theo spirals downward. The play explores the collision of an artist's radical temperament and unyielding vision with modern political realities and the inevitable tragedy when uncompromising values clash. Can friendship, family, or love save Theo from his biggest threat - himself?

Occasionally Nothing

Full-Length Comedy
The near future. The world is nearing its end. In a bizarre bomb shelter, Harry, Clay, and Luella, British expats, cope by taunting each other with warped games of verbal wordplays, and by blurring each other's realities while losing touch with their own. A bleak glimpse at life in the wake of a dystopic presidency, where wars abound, words have lost their meaning, and people have lost their way. How did the world get there?

Zen A.M.

Full-Length Comedy
In the wake of 9/11, Bruno abandons his lucrative Wall Street career to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a painter. After years of struggling, he finally books a once in a lifetime project, only to develop major misgivings about participating and completing his painting. As his vacillations increase, hysteria and hilarity ensue. Can a marriage-minded girlfriend, greedy guru, financial folly, and one bitchy boss change Bruno's mind?
Trapped on an Eco-Barge, a glamorous New York City artist gets revenge in I-POD. Trapped on the red carpet, an egomaniac actor and seemingly reverential entertainment reporter passively battle it out in Montana. Trapped in a bizarre bomb shelter, two men cope with Armageddon brought on by a "Drumpf" presidency by taunting each other with a warped game of verbal wordplay and by blurring each other's realities while losing touch in Occasionally Nothing.


One-Act Comedy
At the corner of hope and delusion, meet Roberta. Join her on her journey from reality to unreality to projected reality and back again! There's no end to Roberta's fantasies and rants. Scary that there's a little bit of Roberta in all of us!


One-Act Comedy
An artist posing as an environmentalist sruggles to survive two months on an Eco-Barge in order to compete for a Guggenheim grant and come to terms with her father's legacy.

Hiroshi - Me, Me, Me

One-Act Comedy
Devastated at the end of a "relationship" with ever elusive Hiroshi, Roberta takes delusion to a whole new level, much to the dismay of her just jilted at the altar friend Sarah. Roberta - the original wrecking ball!


Ten-Minute Play, Comedy
An egomaniac actor and seemingly reverential entertainment reporter passively battle it out on the red carpet.


Ten-Minute Play, Comedy
Two men dissect monogamy while waiting outside a strip club.